Conquering Physical,
Mental, and Emotional Habits

Live a balanced life where your mind is trained as much as your body.


Live a balanced life where your mind is trained as much as your body.

"In this book, Jose shares such a rich selection of impactful insights and effective strategies when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself. This book definitely serves as a great step towards a healthier and smarter you!"

Steph Naval
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


"We got Jose's team for our company, and this book is a complete steal as it makes you take home the same tools and then some. Wherever you are in your life, and whatever you're going thru, this book deconstructs tools on how you can cope better and centers it on longer-term, behavioral change thru better habits."

JC Valenzuela
Founder & CEO

Propel Manila

"I've known Jose for over a decade now from my first workshop in Toronto, Canada. A lot of his work has evolved since the day I met him. He has wonderfully put all his experiences into this one book that tackles the different facets of health: physical, emotional, and mental."

Tom Jackobs
Impact Pilot

JackobsEffect Inc

"Fitness is more than just physical. It affects every aspect of our life, including our emotional and mental health. In this book, Jose breaks down the research behind it, and incorporated his experiences in dealing with wellness clients. Having this book (and reading it!) is definitely a good first step to living a more holistic life."

Dr. Candy Drilon-Dalman
Managing Partner, Medical Director
Centro Holistico


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