Holistically Fit: Put Effort for Overall Well Being in the Modern Times

“It’s easy to focus solely on the physical side of self-improvement, especially if you’re aiming for a perfect summer body. But soon I realized what a difference it made to also have a healthy mind and emotions”

Jose Villablanca on an article, 2023

“Motivation and mindset are not the same.”

Jose Villablanca has a lot of experience in the fitness business, which contributes to his ability in assisting others. In 2007, he started working as a personal trainer in Toronto, Canada, where he received his qualifications and rose to the position of Level 5 trainer at the country’s biggest fitness club. Later, he started his own health business and catered to a variety of high-profile CEOs and celebrities. Villablanca continued working as a personal trainer after coming to the Philippines and sharpened his abilities to assist others in achieving their fitness objectives.


Holistically Fit: Conquering Physical, Mental, and Emotional Habits to Build a New and Better You

The book provides clear explanations on developing healthy habits, developing a favorable attitude toward exercising, and offering helpful advice on good food. Villablanca’s book is a very valuable resource for anybody looking to improve their general well-being through a holistic approach to exercise since it is filled with a lot of knowledge. 

About Jose

Meet Jose Villablanca, a passionate individual who is unwavering in his pursuit of excellence in the field of health and fitness. With a burning desire to assist others in achieving their fitness goals and leading healthier lives, Jose has made a profound impact on countless individuals worldwide.

As the founder of Holifit, he has created a platform that embodies his holistic approach to wellness, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Jose’s commitment to transforming lives extends beyond the gym, as he has authored the inspiring book, “HOLISTICALLY FIT: Conquering Physical, Mental, and Emotional Habits to Build a New and Better You.”

Through his expertise, dedication, and unwavering determination, Jose Villablanca is empowering others to embrace a holistic and transformative journey towards optimal health and well-being.


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